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this weekend was the renegade handmade holiday fair, so husby and i drove down to the city. it was beautiful all covered in fresh snow!


…. these looked like gingerbread houses to me!

the fair was in a neat fieldhouse in pulaski park…



the inside of the fieldhouse was crowded but BEAUTIFUL and cool…



i found some cool treasures, like a cufflink-turned-ring and some amazing smelling massage butter

then we headed outside in the snow to find some lunch…



we ate at this amazing little bar/grille named jerry’s on division st. i had a philly cheesesteak that was OUT OF THIS WORLD! and the homemade ranch…phenom! then we had some fanchy shmancy hot chocolate right next door…


…i had hazelnut, and it was so nutty i literally had to chew it! but it was so good, and perfect for the weather!

on the way home we stopped for some christmas decorations, and wrapping stuff at Hobby Lobby…


on the way home we saw this…


…which was the perfect ending to our little adventure 🙂

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roxies winter outfit…

roxie looks so cute in her little sweater and scarf that i had to show you! shes really not too fond of the snow, but at least she’ll go play in it now… as opposed to the first few days when she “refused to go potty until spring comes again”…



so thats what puppyface is up to, today. if you are wondering why she wont look at the camera, its because the geese that she has decided are her mortal enemies are on the other side of that fence, and she must not take her eyes of them for a minute. 🙂 hope you are enjoying your winter day, wherever you are!

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