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Pioneer Woman!

last night was so much fun! the borders at columbus circle was having a book signing for pioneer woman‘s new cookbook! if you dont know who pioneer woman is and you love delicious-ness, baby cows, and funny narratives you should immediately head over to her blog 🙂


she was a sweet and funny and adorable as i suspected she would be. she did a quick Q and A session, and people asked some really good questions! My favorite was when someone asked her how she got a cowboy husband who lets her live this lifestyle, and she said she KNOWS she is doing what she’s supposed to because she got the only cattle-rancher in oklahoma who is not only ok with the technology side of what she does, but is learning how to take photographs and help along the way. it was really cute to hear her talk about Marlboro Man(thats what she calls her husby), and you can obviously tell they are very much in love 🙂


this is my new friend brittany! we have a mutual friend(hi chelsea!) and we were twitter friends, and decided to meet at the book signing tonight. it was funny because i saved her a seat but i had no idea what she looked like. i joked that it felt like a blind date 🙂


so i didnt have her coobook before the signing. i know thats sort of weird, but i was trying to be good and wait to get it with christmas money later. i was just happy to hear her talk and enjoy the event. well husby came with me to the bookstore but didnt sit and listen, he just moseyed around waiting on me. at the end of the talk he passed a white borders bag down to me and in it was the cookbook! he got it for me so i could meet ree! i was so excited…seriously that man is a gem. not only did he come to a COOKBOOK signing with me, he wanted me to get the full experience 🙂 he is so sweet!


so heres my signed copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks! i was really excited!!! 🙂



afterwards columbus circle was all lit up so i had to get a few shots 🙂 these moravian stars have a little show they put on, complete with music every hour?half-hour? (something like that) they were gorgeous!




when we walked outside we were planning on jumping on the subway to head home, but there was a holiday market across the street….and you know what a sucker i am for outdoor markets 🙂 i love these little Christmas markets all around the city! they are so festive!


there was a cute not-so-little gingerbread house in the middle with YUMMY hot cider and gingerbread treats.




we split a large hot cider and decided to walk home.


its almost a 20 block walk, and even though it was pretty darn cold, it was so nice walking amongst the lights of the city 🙂


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