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on monday i got the chance to go support one of my favorite ministries, Mercy Ministries! i had quite the adventure getting there, i was supposed to make it for the graduation of some of the girls who were graduationg out of the program. i missed that because my flight was canceled, but i did make it in time to help decorate for their very special christmas party! people from all over the world donate gifts for all 30 girls, it ends up being about 30-35 gifts per girl so you can imagine the pileup of presents! some friends and i worked on their cafeteria to dress it up for the party. this is what we came up with….



we were buried under so much wrapping paper and beads that we felt like little elves…


the girls made these super cute gingerbread houses…


…the one with dirt all over is a nativity! isnt that cute!

michelle just couldnt help herself…


we had a great time, and the girls were amazing! if youve never heard of this ministry i highly suggest you click around their website and see what they are all about!


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