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winter is officially coming! there were snow flurries today, which is just crazy to me since it’s not even november yet! we haven’t turned the heat on(for some strange reason?) so the only remedy is to stay nice and bundled up. matt worked from home today so we cozied up on the couch, watching a hitchcock movie, and enjoying our personal heater named roxie snuggled under the blankets.

i honestly dont get how people can’t like dogs. i mean….they just make me happy. especially when it’s your own little puppyface who greets you with a happy-tail at the door, and lots of kisses, and keeps you warm on blustery nights.


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im sitting in my ‘editing room’ (ie guest room/office) , drinking peppermint tea, wearing fuzzy socks, and looking out the window in front of me. and im being productive… which makes me immensely happy. its so easy to be lazy, but so fulfilling to be worn out at the end of the day. fall has certainly grown on me since i have moved to the midwest. the air seems crisper here… and the urgency to hold on to these last bits of sunny days so much more demanding because we all know in a matter of weeks the sun may not come out for days at a time.

my editing and organizing is almost done, so im gonna go curl up on the couch with puppyface, and enjoy this cozy afternoon 🙂

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