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roxies winter outfit…

roxie looks so cute in her little sweater and scarf that i had to show you! shes really not too fond of the snow, but at least she’ll go play in it now… as opposed to the first few days when she “refused to go potty until spring comes again”…



so thats what puppyface is up to, today. if you are wondering why she wont look at the camera, its because the geese that she has decided are her mortal enemies are on the other side of that fence, and she must not take her eyes of them for a minute. 🙂 hope you are enjoying your winter day, wherever you are!


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yesterday i had a wonderful day of finding treasures!

i went to a local resale shop for the first time ( i actually may be volunteering there soon) and i was so excited to see all the lovely things they had. i will definitely being going back often to check out what new things they have.

i ended up buying a few pictures frames for all my new artwork from etsy and i found an adorable butterfly embroidery for our wall for only 2 dollars! its obviously handmade and so sweet, i had to bring it home!

i also found a 1950s copy of “the history of america” for my pawpaw for christmas! hooray for vintage books!

heres all my goodies:

dsc_2186-pola dsc_2194-pola

then, to make the day even better….i went by my grocery store to pick things up for dinner and since they are remodeling lots of things were on sale so i stocked up on some pantry items, and as i was leaving the check out line i noticed a box labeled…. FREE PUMPKINS!!!!

so i brought home this new friend:


yay for free pumpkins! 🙂

and now… for a final image….

i was gonna put a picture of roxie sporting her republican t-shirt…. but i cant find it 😦 and im just so sad. so i decided on a picture of her in her beret instead… enjoy!


have a lovely day 🙂

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fall photo shoot…

so, i was craving a photo shoot, and i had no people about to take pictures of…. so i grabbed puppyface for some fall photos 🙂 i dont know if she enjoyed it as much as i did. the sky was too blue and the fall leaves tooo pretty to let the chance pass…

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winter is officially coming! there were snow flurries today, which is just crazy to me since it’s not even november yet! we haven’t turned the heat on(for some strange reason?) so the only remedy is to stay nice and bundled up. matt worked from home today so we cozied up on the couch, watching a hitchcock movie, and enjoying our personal heater named roxie snuggled under the blankets.

i honestly dont get how people can’t like dogs. i mean….they just make me happy. especially when it’s your own little puppyface who greets you with a happy-tail at the door, and lots of kisses, and keeps you warm on blustery nights.

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