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cooking for two.

i realized that i haven’t been cooking good proper meals lately, and since i really do love to cook, i decided to change that. it started with stuffed shells and cheese with homemade marinara…. yum! next was MSEF chicken enchiladas…. which would have been amazing, except i read the recipe wrong and we put in the WHOLE can of chiles instead of just 1-2…. whoops. then last night was homemade eggplant parmesan using up some more of that homemade marinara. so good… even for coming from a diet cookbook! for breakfast i have been making toad-in-the-holes on days that matt works from home (those are my favorite days :)) heres a little taste from this mornings breakfast…

i love when husby comes and helps in the kitchen. we put on good music and dance around and get in each others way… and just have fun together. it feels like what i thought marriage would feel like. alot of things dont “feel” like i thought they would…. but then again, alot of things feel even better.


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