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we wanted to go try some new things in the city yesterday, so first we went to H and H bagels, which for some reason we never have tried yet. they were apparently closed down on friday for IRS tax purposes, but they opened saturday, so we decided we better go try them before we miss our chance!

(fun fact: this is the bagel shop that tom hanks walks through the flour every night walking his dog in You’ve Got Mail :))



so then we had our big adventure….we headed down to Chinatown! now i know what you are thinking, EVERYONE goes to chinatown. and you are right, but we decided to go deeper than just Canal St. by the time we got to our lunch spot not a single one of the signs had english on them. (don’t get me wrong, i of course stopped on canal st. for a new purse or two(legal of course!) 🙂 and i may or may not have bought a couple of new dresses at my favorite store down there!)

just fyi, apparently its not a good idea to parl your car along Bowery St. …..


this was a buddhist temple we passed by….



i thought this sign was pretty hilarious 🙂


so we heard about this lunch buffet that’s only 3.50 a person, so we decided to go try it out.


it was really cool, even though we really had know idea what we were ordering, and i ended up with tofu, which i like ok, but couldnt really handle it under the circumstances. but i LOVED my garlic green beans! matt was TOTALLY brave and got SHRIMP(i barely eat shrimp when im actually at the ocean, let alone in some little chinese place in NYC where no one speaks english) but he said it was pretty good 😉



…. it was fun trying new things though. and the rice was incredible! 🙂 so i ate lots of veggies and rice and was perfectly happy.


(we also stopped for a slice of pizza later to split, haha!)

we found the coolest warehouse type store on our way out of chinatown into little italy…. we bought a bag of ginger candy, which is one of my most favorite things in the world!

i love all of the bright colors, and i want some of those banners in my house! 🙂



…you cant tell in this picture but these little guys were probably a foot tall. they were filled with little tubs of jelly. candy apparently?

so then we made our way into little italy, where some type of street fair was going on.


so we walked down the middle of the street, eating gelato and getting really excited abotu our upcoming trip to Italy 🙂

here is some of what we saw…



…(i dont know if you can tell, but these dogs were ENORMOUS. like, bear size!)


how cute is this…i love this couple…..


……and the fact that he apparently won her a teddy bear at the fair that day 🙂


i found this little shop that unfortunately closed down, but i would love to turn it into a little stationery store….


…i think the green is perfect, don’t you? 🙂


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